Purveyor of Christmas and Toys, Creator of Joys



S/8 Red/White

​Wood Horse






Furry Reindeer w/Bell 25 x 7cm 3 Colours

​Pink | Coral | Grey

​Coming soon

Tin Red Star






Wooden Unicorn Decos 

26 x 9 x 13cm 2 Designs

​Presents | Santa

​Coming soon

S/4 Green Pine Cone Balls



Wooden Decos 

60 x 14cm 2 designs:

Village ​| Sleigh​

​Coming soon

Wooden Decos 9cm

​3 Designs:

​Star | Tag | Bauble

​Coming soon

Natural Bow Glitter & Pine

​31 x 30cm

​Coming soon





Furry Reindeer 27 x 18cm

3 Colours

​Grey | White | Mint

​Coming soon



S/8 Wood Xmas Deco 5cm



Snowman Tree Deco

​Wood 16cmL



Tin Red Tree



S/6 Red Wood



S/8 Wood Xmas Deco 5cm




S/4 White Pine Cone Balls