Purveyor of Christmas and Toys, Creator of Joys

Tinsel Present with Bow



​Window Clings Asst'd

​$3.50 each

​3pce Colour Changing

Acrylic Trees

​Height: 14cm | 20cm | 26cm




Wooden LED Display

also available in Cream colours


3pce Christmas Train 71cmL

LED's Lights resin Battery


1.82m Street Lamp

Black Plastic LED

​with Banner

​Battery Operated


Glass Jingle Bells Sheet Music

Tap ON/OFF 3 x AA Batteries

​33cmW x 43cmL



Red/Green Tree LED 

​22cmL x 23cmW x 61cmH

requires 3 x AA Batteries


Retro Stocking

​LED Sign 35cmH




Xmas Tree Scene

Canvas print LED 


60cmL x 30cmW 

3 x AA Batteries


Angel on Moon LED 20cmH

​3 x AAA Batteries


White Gazebo Lantern  Led

Musical on/off 3 x AA Batteries






Train Set Candles unscented

21cm in length​​


Christmas Word Plaque

30cmW x 50cmH


Glitter Star Hanging Deco

4 Colours

Gold | Rose Gold | Silver | White

​Coming Soon

"Warm your

Wings Here"


​58cmH x 23cmW




Fibre Optic Canvas Print

​45cm x 65cm Battery Operated


Swirling Smoke Candle Holder LED 31cmH

requires ​3 x AA Batteries

built in Timer

​6hrs on/18 hrs off







Fibre Optic Tapestry 

​45cmH x 65cmW

​requires 3 x AAA Batteries


Reindeer Tin Trays S/2

54cmW x 42cmW



Fibre Optic

Canvas Print

​30cm x 40cm




Ribbon Potted Christmas Tree






Retro Candy Cane 

​LED Sign 31cmH




JOY Sign with Forest Friends LED 55cmH Requires Batteries

​Coming Soon







Christmas CD 

2 Tracks combined of 20 Songs each track


Red Xmas Sign LED

Requires 3 x AAA







Fibre Optic Tapestry 

​45cmH x 65cmW


Tree with LED Lights

58cmH Magnesium Oxide

Battery Operated


Set of 3 Cannisters(16cm) and Tray(43cm)



Santa and Reindeer Screen

Canvas LED  Tap On/Off

9 x AA Batteries

​90cmH x 180cmL


(Larger screens available in the Large Display tab)


Round Tray

​Wood 32cm



Vintage Light-Up North Pole Sign 57.5 x 31.5 x 14cm

Coming Soon




Star String Garland

Wood ​110cmL


Table Deco Christmas Train MDF

29 x 3.5 x 7cm  approx.

Red/Green     |      Red/White

​Merry Xmas Red/White | Merry Xmas White/Red


Door Stop



LED T/Lite 4pk     3.6 x 2cm

Yellow flicker flame, button cell battery included




Set/2 Vintage Boxes


Swirling Smoke Candle Holder LED 31cmH

requires ​3 x AA Batteries

Built in Timer

6hrs on/18hrs off


Santa Milk Jugs S/2




Tin/Glass Lantern

15cmW x 33cmH



Train with LED Lights 

Acrylic Resin 3 x AA Batteries 48cmL



Fibre Optic Tapestry 

​65cmH x 95cmW

​requires 3 x AAABatteries


Butterfly Wreath 57cmD

Metal Plastic




1.8 Black Tree

with  Berry LED



Deer Scene Wooden Tray

​48cmL x 26cmW x 6cmD



Tree Nest

Wooden 25cmH


Bluetooth Train

30 x 11 x 17cm

Battery Operated


Birch Sleigh ​38cmL Resin


Fibre Optic Tapestry 

​65cmH x 95cmW​​



Flat White Plastic Tree

72 Warm White LED Electrical


Locomotive Canvas print LED 


​40cmL x 30cmW

3 x AA Batteries





Retro Christmas Sign

​LED 50cmL


​Reindeer and sleighs
89 X 12 X 46CM
2 Colours: Gold | Silver Tin



​Glass Santa Dome with Etched Snowflakes 14cmH




Butterfly Candlepot 33cmH


​​(Sold out last year, everyone loved it)

​Coming Soon


Vintage Light-Up North Pole Sign 62 x 32cm

Coming Soon